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Rosewater on a Budget

Ah, bet you weren’t expecting this from me huh?! The last 3 years have been an exercise in resourcefulness & we found a treasure trove of free advice on various blogs! Now we just want to give something back. Right. So. … Continue reading

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Kareiraphile, not workaholic

I’ve often seen people who love work being lambasted, as if nothing else is important to them.  We need to look again. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m interested in everything. Everything!  So, naturally I get distr…. Ooh what’s … Continue reading

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From Write-Off To Write On

You know how it is.

You go about the house getting on with chores when you hear a crash. What now, you ask yourself rushing towards the noise… Continue reading

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We Cannot Give What We Do Not Have

Dining table, cups of tea gone cold, and lots of financial calculations. We were checking through our budget. “You will hate this, but we can’t buy them anything. Just no room.” I heard John say as I started at the calculator. … Continue reading

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