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Kareiraphile, not workaholic

I’ve often seen people who love work being lambasted, as if nothing else is important to them.  We need to look again. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m interested in everything. Everything!  So, naturally I get distr…. Ooh what’s … Continue reading

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John saw fun. I saw frivolous. John saw a good grip & fun to use. Me? Cumbersome & unnecessary. I prefer function over form; John prefers both with a fondness for form. Give me a solid metal peeler any day! I … Continue reading

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Logistics of Dreams

“The great enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it.” –W.H. Whyte. My parents, happily married, dreamt of a future together. But after witnessing many heartbreaks I realised that they had very different ideas about the work-life balance needed to build that future. Decades later, I now … Continue reading

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A Brand New Experiment!

“Djuknow what we need to focus more on?” John asked. “Hmm?” I looked up from my book, quite curious. “Cook from scratch as many weekday evenings as possible”, said John thumbing through a thoughtful Xmas gift. (I hate housework, and this … Continue reading

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