John & Suravi

–>This is our blog. 

Suravi & I, very early one morning. She's always my sunshine.

Suravi & I, very early one morning. She’s my sunshine.

And this is our introduction:

Me first! I’m John, kinda like the ideas guy. I get oodles of them. But then, I get distracted, which doesn’t help with my ideas bank. I start off with one thing and then all of a sudden I think of something even more interesting.  The trouble is I tend to forget where I was. As luck would have it I managed to ensnare meet my perfect partner. Someone who is incredibly organised – to a fault (if that’s possible).  My kind, loving wife said I’d be the archetypal academic, and so I left behind my corporate career in the Energy industry to pursue a life in academia – at the moment I’m immersed in Economics but, well there are a few other things out there that catch my eye like photography, and film making, and ancient Greek, and Hebrew, and Latin, and British Sign Language, and teaching, and art history, and sociology, and philosophy, and etymology, and old English, and literature, and….

Where was I?

Ah yes. So, Suravi; she’s always been the studious type and adorably geeky too. Although, not comic-book geeky, or tech geeky – she’s science geeky. That’s right – she’s the real deal!  You think Stephen Fry can make anything sound interesting? Pfft!  Meet my Suravi – she has a phenomenal ability to make even the tiniest detail come alive!  You can guarantee an enjoyable evening if you’ve invited her for dinner.  I may be biased of course, but hey, I got first dibs.

You’ll get to know us as we ping our entries onto here.  Mine may be a little haphazard because, well, I might get a little distra…..


6 Responses to John & Suravi

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  4. debika says:

    loved it.. good one.. 🙂


  5. Raghuvir Mukherji says:

    Brilliant ! Ah…finally on this blog I read some good English writing, it’s like rain on parched land…


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