Rosewater on a Budget

Ah, bet you weren’t expecting this from me huh?!

The last 3 years have been an exercise in resourcefulness & we found a treasure trove of free advice on various blogs! Now we just want to give something back.

Right. So. Rosewater. In case you love rosewater for cooking & baking, or personal care but on a ridiculous budget then here are some stuff we found useful.

  1. Plant outside if folks bring potted red rose plant when they come see you (Thanks, Dan!). Look after it well, prune (it’s heartbreaking!), & when you pick flowers cut at an angle near a stem-leaf junction. Result: more beautiful red roses.
  2. Pick wisely: We found it best to pick flowers early in the morning, if fully bloomed but before they “look tired”.
  3. Making rosewater:

    Should look like this

    The methods which worked for us were from this website: here. I use the “old fashioned version” when I have time.

  4. On a tight schedule Same website, Quick n Easy method:
    1. “For every 1 firmly packed cup of petals, pour 2 cups boiling water over top. Cover and steep until the mixture is cool. Strain, squeeze out the floral pieces, and refrigerate the liquid….”.


More Concentrated Version

Though we’ve found it best to make more concentrated version for cooking/baking (150ml of water for 3-4 roses)…especially if you need to bake cupcakes with pink icing for kids.


I’m not that domestic but somehow I really like making rosewater. Look how it twinkles in the sunshine!! Hope you have fun making this. Leave us a comment if you have other methods, or if these work for you too.

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