Kareiraphile, not workaholic

10407142_10154850710190492_6759258333976688711_nI’ve often seen people who love work being lambasted, as if nothing else is important to them.  We need to look again.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m interested in everything. Everything!  So, naturally I get distr…. Ooh what’s that?

Yes, I get distracted easily. But, we’ve covered that already.  It’s one of the many (many) reasons I decided to go “back to school”.  Some time ago (whilst I was, ahem, trying to write an essay), I read this fabulous article in a little publication called Forbes (they’ll go far, I’m sure): 10 Reasons Why Some People Love What They Do. I thought: this is Suravi in a nutshell!  I mean, she loves work.  I don’t mind work, I mean if I’m working in a sector I’m interested in I might love work, but it’s not the same. Suravi really relishes the challenge!  And, you know it when you talk to her – you feel that buzz when Suravi tells you about the cool stuff she’s done/doing.

Workaholic you say? No.  Family, and friends, are her world!  Let me give you an example: Suravi was working those usual insane hours, but Star Wars – finally, that long awaited sequel – was coming up and I really (really, really. really) wanted to see it.

Before you read on, ask yourself what you think someone who LOVES work would do?

Option A: Say “not enough time – we’ll wait till it comes out on DVD”
Option B: Come to the cinema with me, but catch some kip during the film
Or, Option C: Go see the MIDNIGHT FIRST SHOW with me because that’s how much I wanted to see it.

Yeah, that’s right. Option C, was the obvious decision for Suravi – it was important to her, because it was important to me.

It’s a small, but insightful, example – I wanted to mention that because I love Star Wars.

I think that often it’s those people who truly love work are misunderstood: as if the world believes that family is not important to these people.  Perhaps I would’ve thought the same too until I met Suravi.  It’s no coincidence that I’m posting this on her birthday.  I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while, but I thought I’d keep it by for today, as a kind of tribute to all you kareiraphiles*, you work-lovers.

We shouldn’t be mean to you, calling you workaholics, because you ARE there for your family.

*For those of you wondering “what on earth is a kareiraphile” – it’s work-lover. Had you figured it out yet?

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