From Write-Off To Write On

You know how it is.

You go about the house getting on with chores when you hear a crash. What now, you ask yourself rushing towards the noise. Turns out one of the wardrobe doors fell off, as they do. John gets home, inspects the damage and we decide repair isn’t cost effective.

WP_20150709_006You know what we do? We decide to up-cycle into…chalkboards! Well, I whine first and then we come up with the idea. Such a lot of fun!!

Chalk paint’s just awesome, by the way. Paint on the wall right next to your pantry shelves for a thrifty restocking list-maker, or create chalkboards out of anything including picture frames. For the creative types- you could even refurbish/repurpose furniture. Lauren from The Thinking Closet has the best post about this. You can find it here. We found the following articles useful too: eHow, more eHow, and painting on wall.

We have been using our chalkboards for studying, & brain storming. I make more to-do lists (of course), and John leaves quirky messages that always make me smile. It’s never really what happens to you; it’s how you respond to it. I need to remember that!

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2 Responses to From Write-Off To Write On

  1. Aw, thanks for the sweet shout out! So appreciate it!


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