We Cannot Give What We Do Not Have

Dining table, cups of tea gone cold, and lots of financial calculations. We were checking through our budget. “You will hate this, but we can’t buy them anything. Just no room.” I heard John say as I started at the calculator. We have found ourselves managing a very different mature student life than the one planned for. In spite of all the years of great salaries we cannot even get little gifts for two of our loved ones. It was annoying the life out of me!

hate arriving at celebrations with presents I know should have been more: I had found the stuff you like or need but here, we got you crap instead! Granted that none of our loved ones care about gifts; they just want to spend happy times together. But I love seeing the joy on their faces when they unwrap a gift that they wanted! It isn’t being materialistic, it is just one of those things we all do to make life a little bit more special.


I went outside to our dilapidated backyard all gloomy when something occurred to me. Both of our loved ones have happy memories tied to mint! The kind you get in supermarkets but doesn’t really taste as good? What if I took cuttings off our lush green mint plant, grew 2 bespoke herb pots just for them?! I dashed around the house happily gathering containers, clipped branches and soaked them in water (with a little soil to encourage root formation!). I cannot wait to tend to these little plants till they grow into what I know would be useful. To be honest I am more excited to see the look on their faces when we give them their first homegrown herb pot!!

You know, we cannot give what we do not have. So let’s give what we have! I will keep you posted.

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