Little Things

I used to have this Sunday afternoon ritual, if at home-

Homemade dark chocolate truffles- Spring, 2015.

Homemade dark chocolate truffles- Spring, 2015.

a piece of dark chocolate truffle, freshly brewed espresso & catching up with my favourite blogs. While John and I were planning our mature student life we didn’t think I would have to let go of stuff like this. In any case, I would have reiterated, silly rituals were nothing when compared to achieving our brand new goals! Yet there I was this evening all glum- it’s a Sunday tomorrow & I will be at home, but none of my little luxuries. Though I like reading blogs with an afternoon cuppa, I do miss my old life. It is not being materialistic. Just missing what we had crafted for ourselves and didn’t really think would have to do without. Ah, such first world problems!

John, of course was not fazed by such a thing as strict student budget! It looked like Pinterest had tonnes of recipes for homemade truffles with Aldi store-cupboard staples, and sans butter. So John decided he had studied enough to merit a break and rushed all over the house gathering everything needed to make our very own dark chocolate truffles!

We had a great few hours making a mess creating my Sunday afternoon treat! The ones John made turned out as round little gems while mine had more imaginative shapes. (It’s the food-grade gloves!! They make it hard to roll soft chocolate into a ball *cough*.)

It is impossible not to miss the little things. Turns out it’s precisely these little things and how we respond to them that defines our new journey.

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3 Responses to Little Things

  1. LOL, I love your blog name. Did you change it recently? And yes, filtered coffee does take a long time. Might taste better for it? I love my little stove top. We have had it a while now. John passes his thanks on! 😀 *crossed fingers tightly*


  2. True it its always the little things in life that you dont expect to bother or delight you that can make such a difference. But it was lovely reading about the homemade truffles! Best to John for his teachers’ training application, I think he will make a fabulous teacher and mentor. I envy the stovetop espresso maker the most, though. I use the south Indian filter coffee maker that takes Way Too Long to percolate through the damn thing.


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