Would you look at that?!

Wild flowers from our backyard, Summer 2014.

Wild flowers from our backyard, Summer 2014, Suravi.

Our last post was more than a year ago! You must be expecting me to say, “Where did the time go?”

I know exactly where it went! *makes a sour face*

My life as a mature student was insufferable to begin with: slow, sans any skill, and with an overabundance of time. And I, the productivity fanatic wasted every hour! Thus I threw myself at multiple extracurricular activities in addition to my medical training- volunteering, teaching, working part-time; you name it! Thankfully life improved and time started to fly again. John, very happily for him loves his wonderful student life. He feels he has found an additional passion- helping mature students who return to education following a long absence. (I say ‘additional’ because if you know John then you are already smiling in the knowledge that he has a few of these passions!) But over the past couple of years we have walked through a life neither of us imagined we would when we started this blog. We have learnt a few tricks, a few truths, and a whole lot of lessons. John would tell you he does not think he is quite the same person. Well, he still has the same unique sense of humour in any case! I have 2 more years to go- but as a clinical placement student I feel more like I am at work. (Yes, well, unpaid but still!) John is buried deep in his applications to train as a teacher.

The other day we were pottering around our dilapidated backyard soaking up some glorious sunshine when we got chatting about blogging again. A journey gives birth to many stories and it’s a shame if we don’t share them with our loved ones! So, instead of waiting for a window of time wide enough to type up a long post we decided to take a leaf off Seth Godin’s book- it’s best to post as we go along. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But then, you see John and I are perfectionists. Took us a while to agree to just type and click!

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