Of Whether Tos & Wherefores

John and I had initially set this blog up to share our lives with friends & family who are spread across the globe. After all life’s stories are only half lived unless you share them with a loved one, preferably over a beverage!

 Then a year passed as life decided it did not like my schedules & organised flowcharts. It needed to be unpredictable, exhilarating, and sometimes cruelly unfair! So we did what many couples do while they steady their proverbial storm-struck ship: go on a journey of discovery. Although I do data and John’s more about faith, both of us hope we will come out at the other end as people with fulfilling lives.

Our blog is now both a space to share our lives with our far away loved ones as well as a trail of breadcrumbs. Some posts will be individually posted either by John or I. While others will have both of us writing to you together. We don’t suppose they will be riveting reads, but through our blog we hope to explore & engage. So do wave, even if you’re just sailing past!

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